Our Mission

American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention (ASLGVP) is an independent nonpartisan coalition comprised of over 200 Democratic and Republican members of the legislatures of all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Our members include elected representatives of urban, suburban, and rural areas who have come together in recognition of the unique role state legislators must play in preventing gun violence.

ASLGVP members represent diverse perspectives based upon our own experiences and the needs of our respective districts and states, and do not seek to craft a one-size-fits-all agenda. We share a common commitment to learning from each other and developing strategies for reducing gun violence that will be most effective in our districts, our states, and the nation as a whole. We serve as a hub for legislative resources, professional messaging, strategy, research, and peer networking.

Members of ASLGVP broadly support background checks on gun purchasers and other measures intended to reduce access to guns for those who commit certain crimes or experience mental health problems that make access to guns dangerous. We are also interested in promoting safer practices among people who choose to own guns and more robust and effective intervention programs in communities that experience high levels of gun violence.

ASLGVP was founded in 2014 by legislators from across the country, led by Brian Kavanagh, a member of the New York State Legislature who chairs the coalition. Our activities are coordinated by a national steering committee.

Annual Policy Summit

ASLGVP hosts a national policy summit each year for members to connect with colleagues and experts from across the United States to explore the latest developments in gun violence prevention. The Summits include interactive workshops, presentations, and discussions with national advocates, experts, policymakers, and practitioners. Past Summits have been held in Arlington, VA, Seattle, and Chicago. The 2016 Summit was hosted in partnership with the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration. Our 2017 Summit was in Boston, with cooperation from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.  

Our Team

For more information about ASLGVP, please contact our Chair, Brian Kavanagh, or our Outreach and Operations Director, Anna Claire Loper, at aslgvp@gmail.com or 914-341-2381.